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There’s never a convenient time for your garage door spring to break, and a busted spring can quickly derail your day. When things go wrong with your spring, Overhead Door Company of Capital City™ Baton Rouge can help with our professional service.

Our repair trucks come fully stocked with a variety of torsional springs that are perfectly cut and measured on site to make sure that you are getting the exact spring replacement your door needs. We pride ourselves on this fact as it puts us above our competitors.

Broken Spring

Why Fixing Your Spring Matters

Your garage door spring is one of the most critical parts of your garage door, whether it is residential or commercial. Springs act as the heart of a garage door. They are the counter balance that allows a garage door to safely open. Therefore, it is crucial to have your garage door spring repaired by a trained professional.

  • Heard a loud POPPING noise from your garage door?
  • Garage door opener only lifts the door a few inches off the ground before stopping?
  • Garage door won’t open by hand?

You may have a broken spring. This is a serious problem, so don’t delay in calling us. It is not only inconvenient to have a broken garage door spring, but it is also dangerous. If left unattended, it can result in more expensive repairs.

Your springs do heavy lifting, opening your door — four times a day in most homes. Make sure that your spring is in the best condition possible.

Torsion Spring

Our Work

Residential or commercial, our fully trained technicians can repair your spring.

When it comes to spring repairs, be careful not to get taken advantage of. Springs should always be calibrated to your garage door’s specifications. Some companies use precut spring alternatives that may not be the right fit for your door’s size and weight, but with us, that is never the case. We pride ourselves on putting in the right spring to balance your garage door properly every time.

You’ll know when your door is properly balanced when it can hold its weight in the middle of the door’s opening.

Broken garage door spring repair is our specialty! Overhead Door Company of the Capital City™ Baton Rouge offers straightforward, fair pricing. Don’t fall for bait and switch tactics. Prices should include parts and labor, and whether they charge a service charge. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and trust when you call us to schedule your repair.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Garage Door Springs?

Usually, most people don’t think twice about or notice their garage door springs – until they break. And then it’s essential to repair them quickly. They are crucial to the overall smooth, easy, and effective operation of your garage door operating system. Without springs, you no longer have a functional garage door. Without a functional spring, the garage door is sometimes impossible to lift.

If you are nearby when a spring breaks, you will hear it because an enormous amount of energy is released. Torsion springs are mounted over the garage door and they have a shaft running through the middle. Broken springs unwind in less than a second, creating a sudden loud noise.

When springs break, they cause the door, its cables, and the opener to malfunction. Not having the correct springs or ones in poor shape directly affects the door’s movement. It may stop, get stranded, or collapse. This will cause inevitable damage or harm to anyone or anything around the garage door itself.

Our Overhead Door™ team leads the way in garage door spring repair and can quickly and easily get your garage door operating effectively and efficiently.

Our technicians are full-time employees of the local community. We’ve served the Baton Rouge Metro Area since 1968.

You deserve reliability.

Every technician employed by Overhead Door Company of the Capital City™ is experienced and thoroughly vetted. We will always treat you and your home or business with respect. Our goal is to provide professional-quality work that keeps your garage door system running smoothly. Let us help get you back to the importance of your daily life.